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I need my data to be always available. What should I do?
Maximize your data availability is much more than simply paying for a better data provider. The causes of data being unavailable are diverse and so are the ways to avoid it. Availability is just one component of performance – for more on maximizing availability and to learn more about how performance affects your user experience and business metrics, contact us.
How do I store data to make it easily to scale up my operations?
Our solutions brings all relevant data from disparate sources, such as enterprise systems, databases, and operational data sources into a single system, secures it so appropriate access is given to individuals based on their roles, and delivers it to users at all levels of the company in a uniform and consistent manner.
How do I handle different workloads that require different basic resources?
Make sure you choose a system that can adequately manage workloads across such heterogeneity. Workload automation is a critical part of making sure that a modern IT platform supports the business effectively. Kenoobi Data has woken up to this and our product suites are changing rapidly to meet more needs. But it is still down to you with the help from us to choose the right option for your business.
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